C. The average amount of B12 in mushrooms is still to be calculated, but is not likely to be more than 5% of the RDI. I don't know why, but rice was never enough for me. I would have been lost without it! Also add things like peanuts, bok choy, cabbage, sprouts, etc to your fried rice. I wouldn’t turn down meat on a “special occasion”, but generally I go for the vegetarian option. If you are a big pasta eater, you might want to cut back. Everything in moderation! That improved everything DRASTICALLY. I've switched to eating mostly vegetables, beans, and rice with some occasional fruit.

Get your answers by asking now. I went vegan 2 days ago in a moment of wonder and dare…..! I had stomach troubles at first because my fiber skyrocketed. I shudder to think how many as I have never counted, but enough to FILL a foolscap binder.

Fourthly, based on personal experience, please do cut down or avoid tofu completely for health reason. Fried rice. If you’re eating eggs and dairy you should be fine. Nicely done. I’m sort-of vegetarian – I use meat as a garnish rather than the main meal. Thanks for the link on B12 in Mushrooms – I did not realise it was the dirt and not the mushroom providing it! When done right, you can be a very healthy vegetarian...but you have to actually pay attention to what you're eating. I’m so excited to hear you’ve been a vegetarian for a whole month! Ha! I'm newly vegetarian (about a week) and I jumped in cold turkey. I fixed it by drinking a lot more water and also making sure I get more simple carbs. I don’t recall there being tinned lentils then. 10 Benefits of Buttermilk for Acne, Beauty and Health! Did you know that fish release cortisol in response to pain – the same hormone humans release? There is also a very limited range of vitamins and minerals without additional vegetables. Eat some crackers when you don't feel well and make sure you're food is varied and you're eating enough. I understand everyone's concern but quite frankly it's actually normal to feel like shit when you start eating healthy very suddenly after having a shitty diet. And wondering what on earth to eat right now :) Yes I do have some recipe books and I said I’d do it for a month so I am excited. hey sarah thanks for your comment – you’re right of course – this mistake also extends to omnivores. Kale, Blackstrap molasses and spinach are good sources. I couldn’t give meat up completely, but I am trying to go meatless during the week and save my meat eating for weekends. If i have friends who are vegetarian,i will make allowance for them. Cheese-stuffed pasta.

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