On its finished products, Tefal/T-fal's commitment is to guarantee the absence of PFOA, lead and cadmium and to guarantee that its products with Tefal/T-fal non-stick coating are harmless for the environment and the consumer. This Eco information is based on the regular analysis conducted by independent laboratories in many countries (INERIS in France, ASAHI GLASS FLUOROPOLYMERS in UK, FABES Labs in Germany, MB Labs in Canada, SGS in China). For delicious full-flavoured meals everyday. Is it useful to cook at high temperatures with my non-stick cookware? • The pan has been used on too high a heat or the wrong source of heat for the pan which has resulted in the pan base becoming warped and distorted. It is difficult to give a number of years, because the service life will differ depending on the conditions of usage and frequency of use. No. Handles and knobs may loosen after a time due to the continual heating and cooling of the fixing. Thermo-Spot®: To what temperature does the frying pan need to be heated for the temperature indicator to change colour? What are the guarantee conditions of my appliance? This is easy, if a magnet will stick to the base of the pans they will work on a commercial induction hob. However, Tefal/T-fal non-stick coatings are made of PTFE, the abbreviation of the scientific name Polytetrafluoroethylene, and this material is recognised as harmless by public health agencies in Europe and in the United States. The water / vinegar mixture will clean cook the pan. The non-stick coating in my frying pan is now sticking - why? We recommend cooking with more fat as well as washing more vigorously with slightly more washing-up liquid. View the product warranty conditions for your Tefal product. The quick way to check whether your pans work on an induction hob is to do the magnet test on the pans. Only frying pans, saucepans or saute pans from the Ingenio range can go in the oven, thanks to their detachable handles (ensure that the detachable handle is removed). How can the consumer be aware of the fact that Tefal/T-fal cookware does not contain PFOA? Thanks to its cutting edge technology, Tefal pots and pans represent the excellence in cookware both in terms of durability and delicious result. Cookware items with Tefal/T-fal non-stick coating do not contain PFOA. Find more detailed information in the Guarantee section of this website. Character Grill Pan 26cm x 26cm TEFAL : Taste the Excellence everyday Thanks to its cutting edge technology, Tefal pots and pans represent the excellence in cookware both in … Tefal/T-fal, as part of its commitment to Quality, has included "Health and Environment" Eco information on its non-stick Tefal/T-fal products. Tefal/T-fal non-stick coating is a technical coating made from a polymer name polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). You should refer to the recommendations for use indicated on the packaging or in the instructions included with the product. The base of my pan is not even and has become wobbly - why? Choose plastic or wood. If the pan is only wiped with a paper towel or rinsed in water, the film won't be fully removed and may cook the next time you use the pan: stains may appear.Non-stick pans must not be cleaned with scouring powders or scouring pads. For original spare parts and accessories related queries please call our Consumer Service team on 1300 307 824 or via our website here.Selected spare parts and accessories are also available on https://tefal-shop.com.au/. If this occurs, carefully re-tighten using an appropriate screwdriver, but do not over-tighten. In this way, it's the most effective.If the pan might not be clean enough during the normal dishes, you could add a splash of vinegar and water into the pan and heat it. Consumer ServicesPrivacy PolicyGroupe SebJoin usSitemapCookiesLegal termsInventorsLegal Notice, Nous sommes désolés ! ).Before cleaning the pan, let it cool to room temperature.A warped pan will give poor cooking results. This can normally be cleaned by filling the pan with water and washing up liquid and leaving overnight. The non-stick properties of the ceramic coating are a lot more limited, both in terms of performance and duration, than those of the classic (PTFE) coating. In fact, PTFE is so safe that it is frequently used in the medical profession to coat pacemakers and the tiny tubes made to replace arteries. Can a scratched non-stick pan be recoated? This will not impair the performance of the kitchenware in any way and does not present any danger for health. Tefal Jamie Oliver Stainless Steel Premium Series Non-Stick Frypan-28cm, 28cm 4.3 out of 5 stars 166 Tefal Jamie Oliver Professional Series 23cm X 27cm Non Stick Grill Pan Induction Compatible by T-fal

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