Kills with this weapon sens confetti all around. Deployables just aren't enough at high chaos. Enemies dies in a burst of glitter/confetti. Hitting this weapon sprouts beautiful flowers at the target. Not for you. **Don't forget to change settings to 1080P**In This Video, We play the main story in Sunset Overdrive. There are five different types of amps in the game. Hits with this weapon randomly spawns exploding rockets. Kills with this weapon have a chance of creating and area of effect blase that electrocutes enemies. I take a break from the story and go over Amps and Overdrives and give some basic tips of the gameWelcome to your AwesomepocalypseThe city’s overrun with mutants. Hits with this weapon randomly freezes all enemies within a small area. I love this game. With over fifty Amps and a vast number of possible combinations, Amps are how Sunset Overdrive lets you be you or at least a version of you that flings lightning and can summon the Grim Reaper. Floyd has a couple you can buy, but I've definitely been rewarded with level 2 amps in chaos squad. Dive Bomb amps activate at style level 2. Weapons deal additional damage when the player is in the air. Kills with this weapon can create an electrocuting area of effect blast. When enemies die from melee, they explode, damaging other enemies and knocking them back. Melee Swing amps … They can be used to defeat the Overcharge Mutants. Sunset Overdrive Season Pass Revealed: New Weapons, Amps and Outfits. This weapon deals more damage when grinding or bouncing. Dive Bombs place graffiti on the ground that damages nearby enemies. A dive bomb causes shards of glass to fly out from the ground like shrapnel. The ground randomly explodes into pillars of fire. Weapons do increased damage while in air. Melee swing, hero, epic, dive bomb, and weapon. 1 Summary 2 Hero Amps 3 Weapon Amps 4 Epic Amps 5 Melee Amps Amps are special abilities you can equip to customize your character. Dead enemies have a chance of spawning a Grim Reaper who will find nearby enemies and kill them. Kills with this weapon have a chance of creating an area of effect blast that sets enemies on fire. Melee Swing amps activate at style level 2. The Player can hold two hero amps at a time that activate at style level 1. Weapons are a key part of the gameplay of Sunset Overdrive. And the Fargarths, live action role-players whose fantasy suddenly becomes their reality.Brought to you by Insomniac Games The ground where you walk may crack and erypt with dangerous pillars of fire. Kills with this weapon nets additional style. Amps are special abilities you can equip to customize your character. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Exploding enemies knock down and damage other nearby enemies. Grinding spawns electrical and tesla bolt projectiles to damage enemies on the left and right sides of the rail. Amps can be acquired and upgraded by buying them from Floyd, earning them in Chaos Squad, and doing story missions. Amps function as power-ups in Sunset Overdrive. Lightning from the sky may strike nearby foes. The less health you have, the more damage you do. With hyper-agility, unique weapons, \u0026 customizable abilities, it rewrites the rules of shooters while delivering an irreverent adventure.FizzCo has released their new hit energy drink, OverCharge Delirium XT.

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