Kid’s Menu (12 years old and under) Kid’s Sushi 9 Tamago, Kani (House cooked egg), Inari (Sweet Tofu Skin), Crab Salad, Ebi (Cooked Shrimp)and Miso Soup Kid’s Bento Served with Rice, Gyoza, California Roll Cancel. Le suki; Menu; Contact; Commandes; Accueil; Le suki; Menu; Contact; Commandes; Menu. 1) please wear a mask before entering for pick up. Browse our menu now! Whether you are having a small gathering or a large party, Zuki can help give you the experience you are looking for! Miso Soup (Fermented soy bean soup) : $0.95 House Green Salad (Garden green with house dressing and Avocado) : $3.95 Gyoza(6pcs) (Chicken, vegetable or beef dumpling served with dipping sauce) $3.95 Edamame (Boiled soy bean lightly seasoned with salt) : $4.50 Harumaki (3pcs vegetable spring roll)

Zuki has a sushi bar at BOTH locations! Use it to view our menu and order to go meals whenever you like! Incomplete Menu; Out of Date Menu; Incorrect Contact Information; Other.

Pour emporter. Phone:(647) 352 2030 Button. Sho Chiku Bai Ginjo–Premium                12, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Dr. Pepper, Twister Orange, anilla, Mango, Green Tea, Strawberry, Chocolate. Due to Covid-19, restaurant open hours and service may differ. 30% OFF on Regular Maki & Zuki Special Roll, 310.

Garlic Crab Stick Sushi 2 pcs Check out our delicious specials as well! Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Great as a dessert. we want to thank everyone for nominating zuki for the best sushi the tri-state has to offer!

Includes: Garlic Hokki Clam Sushi 2 pcs Suki Zuki. All Cooked

topped with lobster salad, spicy tuna, NO seaweed paper, Crabmeat, spicy salmon, mango, asparagus, cream cheese, with soy paper, topped with avocado and super white tuna, Cooked Shrimp, Snowcrab, Soy Paper Topped with Mango, Spicy Tuna, Avocado, Mango, Cilantro, Asparagus with Soy Paper, Top with Yellowtail, Shrimp, Jalapeno & Hot Sauce, Salmon, Tuna, White Fish, Avocado with Cucumber Wrapper, Lobster Tempura, Snow Crab with Cucumber Wrapper, Lobster Salad Wrapped with Seared Tuna with Caviar on Top, Salmon, Mango, Soy Paper, Topped with Tuna, Salmon, White Tuna, Caviar, Lobster Salad, Snow Crab, Soy Paper, Topped with Tuna, White Tuna, with Spicy Yuzu Sauce, Spicy Shrimp, Crab Meat, Mango, Avocado, Rice Paper, 10 pcs Chef Choice Nigiri Sushi & California Roll, 18 pcs Chef Choice Sashimi and Steamed White Rice, 10 pcs Chef Choice Nigiri Sushi, 10 pcs Chef Choice Sashimi, 1 Special Roll

Hijiki $6.00 Suki Zuki Salad $8.00 Sushi and Sashimi. Served with Sweet & Spicy Sauce, Creamy Sweet Corn Deep Fried in Japanese Batter, Grilled Chicken White Meat Skewed with Onion, Green Pepper, and Carrot, Covered in Teriyaki Sauce & Sesame Seed, Grilled Salmon Filet in Japanese Style with Teriyaki Sauce, Ground Beef Seasoned with Fresh Ginger & Cabbage, Wrapped in Gyoza Skin & Pan Fried, Scallop Tempura with Crabmeat, Caviar on Top, Kingcrab, Avocado, Apple with Caviar on Top, Spicy Tuna, Crunchy Inside Wrapped with Avocado, Topped with Unagi Sauce & Sweet Potato Tempura, Yellowtail Sashimi Topped with Jalapeno & Spicy Yuzu Sauce, Baked Snowcrab, Cheese Salmon & Salmon Sashimi with Apple in Yuzu Sauce, Grilled the Most Tender Part of the Fish with Seasalt, Lemon, Served with Spicy Yuzu Sauce, 8 Pcs of Beef Sashimi Served with Mash Radish & Spicy Yuzu Sauce, Soybean Paste Broth with Tofu, Seaweed & Green Onion, Beef Broth with Mushroom, Green Onion & Crunch, Scallop, Shrimp, Crabmeat in Egg White Soup, Kingcrab, Scallop, Crabmeat in Egg White Soup, Crispy Lettuce, Carrot, Cabbage with Ginger Dressing, Healthy Steamed Spinach with Sesame Sauce, Small Cubes of Raw Fish & Avocado with Yuzu Sauce, Topped with Smelt Roe, Crabmeat, Mango, Crunchy with Mango Sauce, Assorted Seafood on Garden Salad with Wasabi Yuzu Sauce, Crispy Salmon Skin, Crabmeat, Seaweed Salad, Mango, Cucumber with Spicy Yuzu Sauce, Spicy Shrimp with Spicy Seaweed Salad & Cilantro, Shredded Duck Meat with Chef's Special Sauce, Pan Fried Wide Japanese Noodle with Fish Cake, Vegetable & Your Choice of Chicken, Tofu or Shrimp ($1 extra), Pan Fried Skinny Yellow Japanese Noodle with Fish Cake, Vegetable & Your Choice of Chicken, Tofu or Shrimp ($1 Extra), Fried crabstick, eel, avocado inside, seared tuna, tempura crunchy on topprd with wasabi mayo, eel sauce, Shrimp tempura, crispy apple, topped with crabmeat, crunchy, Salmon, tuna, white tuna, topped with salmon, eel, tuna, white tuna, Shrimp tempura, cucumber, topped with BBQ eel, avocado, Shrimp, smoked salmon, eel, cream cheese, avocado, jalapeno, deep fried, spicy tuna inside with BBQ eel and avocado on top, Spicy tuna, eel, avocado, topped with assorted flying fish roe, Shrimp, white fish, salmon, cream cheese, deep fried, Spicy crabstick, topped with tuna, mango, avocado, California roll topped with salmon, tuna, white fish, avocado, Shrimp tempura, cucumber, topped with spicy tuna, Shrimp tempura, crabstick, snowcrab, avocado, cucumber, crunchy, Smoked salmon, eel, crabmeat, avocado, toasted with massago and spicy mayo, Eel, avocado, crunchy, top-layered with cream cheese, unagi sauce, sweet potato tempura, Spicy tuna, crunchy, topped with super white tuna, avocado, crunchy, hot sauce, Soft shell crab, shrimp tempura, smoked salmon, crabmeat, cream cheese, avocado, crunchy, wasabi mayo, salmon, asparagus inside, top with avocado, caviar, Spider fried soft shell crab, crabstick, avocado, cucumber, white fish, crab meat, shrimp, eel, avocado, cream cheese, deep fried with spicy mayo & eel sauce, Seaweed Salad, Asparagus, Avocado, Carrot, Lettuce, Cucumber, Crabmeat, Tamago, Oshinko, Japanese Pickles, Asparagus, Tofu Skin, Lettuce, Cucumber, Cream Corn Croquette, Avocado, Tofu Skin on Top, Kingcrab, snowcrab, sweet potato tempura, soy paper, topped with mango, Lobster tempura, carrot, lettuce, mayo, soy paper, Spicy tuna, snowcrab, seaweed salad, asparagus, soy paper, topped with lobster tempura, snowcrab, caviar, Snowcrab, seaweed salad, asparagus, tofu skin, soy paper, topped with steamed lobster, caviar, Snowcrab, shrimp tempura, asparagus, soy paper, topped with salmon, tuna, white tuna, Fried crabmeat, sweet potato tempura, cream cheese, topped with kobe beef, jalapeno, chili sauce, Kingcrab, lettuce, topped with spicy snowcrab, spicy salmon, White fish tempura, sweet potato tempura, seaweed salad, topped with seared bamboo sea bass, Spicy tuna, seaweed salad, asparagus, topped with seared tuna, jalapeno, Spicy scallop, crunchy, soy paper, topped with salmon, avocado, Spicy salmon, avocado, wrapped with tuna in heart shape, Whole soft shell crab, eel tempura, shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, avocado, soy paper, topped with snowcrab, lobster salad, Tofu skin, seaweed salad, soy paper, topped with snowcrab, oyster tempura, Snowcrab, asparagus, topped with baked scallop, shrimp, snowcrab, cilantro, Snowcrab, asparagus, topped with baked lobster, shrimp, snowcrab, cilantro, Cooked shrimp, avocado, apple, lettuce, rice paper, topprd with kingcrab, tobiko, Teriyaki salmon, topped with fresh salmon, orange, served with snowcrab on the side, Salmon tempura, mango tempura, jalapeno, wrapped with salmon in heart shape, Lobster salad, avocado.
Dear customers,
For the safty of our customer and staff. PICKUP ONLY.

Appetizers. MORE PHOTOS . 688 Montauk Hwy Water Mill, NY 11976 Uber. We have won the Courier & Press Reader's Choice Award for EVANSVILLE'S BEST SUSHI for the 10th YEAR IN A ROW!! (Choose From Zuki Special Roll), 2 Soups, 2 House Salads, 18 pcs of Chef Choice Sashimi Over Sushi Rice, 3 pcs of Nigiri Sushi, 3 pcs of Sashimi, 1 Spicy Fish Roll which Choose From Tuna, Salmon or White Tuna, 1 Spicy Tuna Hand Roll, 1 Spicy Yellowtail Hand Roll, 1 Spicy California Hand Roll, Make with Brown Rice, Come with 1 Japanese Pickle Roll, 1 Tofu Skin Roll, 1 AAA Roll (Asparagus, Apple, Avocado) 1 pc Egg Omelet Sushi, 1 pc Tofu Skin Sushi, 1 California roll, Side of Sweet Potato Fries, 2pcs of Chicken Tempura, 1 Chicken Tempura, Cream Corn Croquette, Edamame, Grilled Scallop & Shrimp with Japanese Curry Stew, 5 pcs of Chef's Choice Nigiri Sushi & California Roll, 9 pcs of Chef's Choice Sashimi, Steamed Rice, Choose any 2 Rolls From Lunch Bento Box Section, Choose any 3 Rolls From Lunch Bento Box Section, Fried in a Japanese batter with honey and sesame seed on top, Fried in a Japanese butter topped with whipped cream. If you haven't experienced the sushi everyone is talking about, it is never too late! Thank you for choosing Zuki!

Closed. This is so exciting for us and we vow to keep the fresh sushi rolling and new recipes coming. Zuki Downtown 222 Main St, Evansville, IN 47708, United States; Zuki Eastside 1448 N Green River Rd, Evansville, IN 47715, United States Salle à manger. Noodles. We hope to see you soon!

and well seasoned dishes. Successfully reported! California Roll Call Menu Info. Vegetable Spring Roll $7.00 Shrimp Tempura by the Piece $3.00 Salads. Prévost. View the online menu of Suki Zuki and other restaurants in Water Mill, New York. 2030 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto, ON, Canada. Heures d'ouverture. Thank you for your understanding. By the piece.

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