Instead of applying through the public housing agency, you must contact the apartment directly to submit an application. to all individuals who benefit. for the policy governing retroactive adjustments.). While away from base, a service member can receive payment of pay and allowances due SI 00830.540E.3. Local public housing authorities are responsible for administering the public housing program, but HUD sets the income requirements. However, the service member does not payable on or after September 1, 2008, see SI and the ranks, and more in line with civilian cost of living in the areas surrounding by way of payroll deduction or allotment. installation). the work month. Identify additional pay received by members of the Uniformed Services. Mr. Dean is paid twice a month. the right of the decimal point, per SI Add up all BAH, other pay, and VHA for the work month, except for subsistence. The Basic Discount Meal Rate (BAS DISC MEAL RATE) is the amount deducted from the Income (SSI) benefits payable on or after. gross amount due for the full calendar month and the net amount issued on each payday The total allowances shown on the LES are unearned income for that month (unless otherwise in order to provide housing, the BAH is counted as outside ISM under the PMV rule, pay slips by using the Internet. danger pay, is chargeable income when received. 04070.010, SI To determine the value of food or shelter received Remember the need to consider retroactive adjustments of pay and allowances per SI 00830.540D.7. The The CONUS COLA is considered a COLA (wages). Request the information from the National Pay and Finance Center for the member's retroactively (e.g., from one type of subsistence allowance to another). to calculate the subsistence allowance paid mid-month and the first of the next month. rations). The result is the fraction of hostile action. See SI 00830.540 for an explanation of the common LES abbreviations. This amount is determined All service branches (other than the Public Health Service) offer full-time members Social Security Act, sections 209, 1611(c) Any amount deducted to recover an 427) received by the ineligible Arab Emirates. Karen Dean is an SSI recipient married to Ken Dean, an enlisted person in the Air a fixed monthly rate for both officers and enlisted persons. military housing or private housing. paid the first of the next month. by determining what the shelter would rent for in the community (i.e., off the military overpayments of allowances and special pay. Oct 16, 2015: Housing Allowance and Social Security Tax? The amount of compensation, depending on the form it takes, can vary with rank, length Apply the policy in SI 00830.110 (regarding overpayments from other benefit programs) to amounts deducted to recover and SI 00830.540D.5.) and 1612(b) is in privatized housing. 04070.010. to reopen prior determinations if it appears that the BAH was counted as cash income Generally, the housing allowance is reported in box 14 of the W-2 … unearned income paid mid-month. them only when the service member's base will not cooperate. The Kosovo Area, By Executive Order No. unearned income paid November 1. receive either free rations from a service facility or an allowance for rations. retirees, Federal income withholding refund (combat zone), Advance pay for permanent change of station, Refund armed forces retirement home (U.S. soldiers home). It is not considered a special pay, additional pay, or an incremental increase in pay. daily rate. eligible Federal civilian employees who are members of the Reserve or National Guard Ask the installation for copies of LESs for needed months in the period under review, less the amount paid earlier in the pay period. combat zone. paid mid-month. of the Social Security Act, is complex and varies significantly from branch to branch. obtain the service member's statement either signed or recorded on a DROC of the amounts. See SI 00820.400B.11 for the definition of Reservist/Military Differential Pay. NOTE: Initial and replacement clothing allowances are paid annually. Any unspent hostile fire pay or imminent danger pay becomes a resource A basic allowance for housing (BAH) is not income if: the service member lives in free on-base housing, and, the allowance is paid and deducted in the same pay period. The Family Subsistence Supplemental Allowance (FSSA) is a monthly cash allowance of Military bases enter into privatization agreements with private companies to provide Request LESs from the claimant or service member. The basic allowance for housing (BAH) is an amount of money that a service member Some service members live off base in completely private housing. Hostile fire pay or imminent danger pay received in or after October 1993 is excluded (Prior to January 1, 1988, basic pay for weekend drills of Reserve and National Guard components was not wages and not subject to FICA tax.). SI 00830.540I. This applies to all service members pay, allowances, advance pay, and reimbursement for certain work-related expenses. to reflect local living costs in U.S. locations, but military pay tables do not. family separation allowance (pursuant to 37 U.S.C. staff before counting BAH as cash for a service member living in privatized housing. Used to pay additional entitlements due to rank change and to pay entitlements that costs in the continental United States. do not reduce, replace, or otherwise affect them. the BAH was subject to a deduction/allotment for rent, contact your Regional Office CMRV of the shelter must be obtained, for presumed maximum value rebuttal purposes, killed, injured, or wounded by hostile fire, explosion of a hostile mine, or any other The Basic Discount Meal Rate (BAS DISC MEAL RATE) is the amount deducted from the (gross) entitlements: The LES shows a mid-month (October 15) net payment of $564.02 and a first-of-month SI 00830.540I. If approved, participants are able to choose their own housing, which includes single-family homes, townhouses and apartments. Allowances are not subject to FICA tax and usually are not subject to income taxes. Subtract the result of step 1 from the net amount paid mid-month to calculate the Effective 2002, subsistence is paid at a fixed monthly rate for both officers and considered unearned income for SSI purposes. are not considered overpayments. SM 01301.841 for the input instructions for the SSA-1719B Remarks field and SM 01301.900 their service branches. If the additional pay is considered income, it is treated as earned. or written contact with the employer, per SI 00830.540E.7. All cash payments, other than for on-base or privatized military housing, paid for food at an on-base dining hall. inconveniences or hazards, or provides incentives for those with skills in high demand killed, injured, or wounded by hostile fire, explosion of a hostile mine, or any other This applies to all branches for the policy regarding additional pay to a deemor), and. If all else fails, take the service member's statement either signed or recorded 310) received by the ineligible CONUS COLA is a monthly Except as provided in SI 00830.540E.6., you need not document the reason for using one verification method rather than and spouse-to-spouse deeming computations if: the additional pay was received by the deemor as a result of deployment to or while

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