So you are up to date all the time. It's been a week and I'm still waiting. My 2week old £3k bike dropped its chain damaging the frame (which should not happen if di2 is set up correctly). I checked the status today, the status went back to "shipping label created, not in system".

BMC Masterpiece Roadmachine road bike released – Exclusivity on two wheels. Ordered some items, payed in full. I hope they will contact me and give me a real solution.Indeed on 10/1/2020 they contacted me, they told me that the carrier would tell me the date to pick up the bicycle. I know they are not supplying the uk with bikes at the moment but my advice when they come back would be to avoid at all costs. After 2 days, the order allegedly shipped to Switzerland . Sent 4 mails and waited 4 weeks just to be told that they are not replacing a 10€ top cap on my 3050€ Reveal Four Disk....This is a great way to loose your customers.I took pictures of the damaged cap as soon as the Bike was delivered but they are not replacing the damaged part.I wanted to buy a Gravel bike from them but after my experience with the first purchase I will probably buy it elsewhere where there is a better customer service.THINK TWICE BEFORE ORDERING BIKES AT ROSE.COMUpdate 21.10.20 Top cap was sent immediately after my review on trustpilot.Negative review could have been avoided if customer service had not waited 4 weeks to reply, negating replacement part.A real note of appreciation to those in Rosebikes reading trustpilot :-))Update 22.10.20: Cap received as you said! 7474704 and please e-mail me a VAT invoice made out to the company as per my message at the time of placing my order, so that I can get the bike on the Cycle to Work Scheme in Ireland. This flex has given me a few scares going down roads, especially in right-hand curves, luckily pain they have been scares without falls. They even provide a non existent tracking number :)). "OK but they've had a uk sales arm for years and are just discovering this?

Don’t believe the negative-BRILLIANT SERVICE! Any reputation of being an ascetic and purely functional brand is being shrugged off here in favour of a luxury aesthetic that emulates the exclusivity of Porsche or Lamborghini. *edit: ( So, I sent back the package, and was told I could get a refund. Having used the bike for a week now it certainly lives upto my expectations and is a dream to ride on the less then perfect rural roads in Somerset and Dorset. Dear Rose team,The customer service is really very poor. So i bought my bike from Rose 9month ago, it arrived in the specified time, so all good.Unfortunately it had scratches from transport so i reported that to Rose and got offered a voucher plus also the needed paint to fix. Great prices and really great service.

When I wanted to do it, the service technician and SRAM Rockshox representative confirmed that you misled me because this model cannot be changed to 120 mm.After several e-mails with the same questions, despite my replies, there is still no solution on your part after many weeksEDIT 26.08.2020: Don't write back the nonsense that the frame does not support 120 mm because after my purchase, you launched the Thrill Hill Trail version on the same frame with a front shock of 120 mm. Join the 381 people who’ve already contributed. Our size 57 test bike had a relaxed stack-to-reach ratio of 1.53. When I opened the box, I saw the trainer had a huge crack in the plastic case, and plastic pieces were all over the box, the protecting foam was completely destroyed.I quickly took photos, sent to Rose, they answered that I should first report the incident to the delivery company, get a claim number and forward it to them. Undoubtedly triggering that ‘buy now’ reflex, first-class performance has been combined with a unique look in an attempt to create the perfect bike in an unbeatable package. Customising the design online and ordering was simple and quick, I could check on the orders progress online via my account - tracking info was sent to me once it was despatched and although at times communication via email was slow, it was never a problem. At the end of the day, it’s all about what the bike can deliver while riding. The bike also shines in the mountains, happily flying forwards even up steep ramps. I waited until the ‘middle of September’ and still heard nothing, so tried to contact various email addresses (there is no other way of contacting at the moment) and have just had a reply that simply states that my bike is delayed and is expected in November, and extra 6 or 7 weeks away. Along with the SRAM Force eTap AXS configuration and the Shimano DURA-ACE Di2 model as reviewed, the range tops out with the RED eTap AXS groupset for € 6,499. Last month, I ordered a wheelset for my road bike. I was a little concerned about ordering from Rose Bikes having read the reviews, but they were the only place I could find the parts I needed. Yet still no refund. Now i've been given a date with something like week 47 or 48.

I need order ref.7460299 cancelled as it has incorrect delivery address. I took it to my local bike shop to check it out for any damage. Completely poor and I can’t attach any photos here.I did email them to tech team.In spite of the bike’s beauty (it is a stunning piece) it’s not fit for purpose. I followed up 4 days ago, still no response? In addition, the version I bought in the description clearly said "100mm of front travel can be converted to 120 mm for more fun of road!". I have checked it with 3 different wheels and locks and the same thing happens with all. If you’re a road biker to always set off at full speed, the REVEAL will have you itching to get on and ride away. Is the bike fun to ride? Soon after I saw that the rear wheel was bent to the left, I bought new carbon wheels and the same thing happened, looking closely I saw that when I got on the bike the wheel moved to the left side. Either way, THIS IS NOT CUSTOMER'S FAULT!I am simply baffled by this treatment, this is year 2020, Germany, and its biggest bike company. For 3 weeks I have been sending emails with videos and photos to Rose and they do not respond. Brakes Shimano DURA-ACE Di2 160 / 160 mm So how does the ROSE REVEAL perform compared to the competition?

So reply from them below sound ridiculous. With so much choice of bikes out there, you’d think their response would be good, right? I wouldn't get upset about it. Instead it appears to have been chucked in a box and dispatched without a second look.Rose bikes are yet to respond to our complaint. It arrived in the wrong color which I reported immediately and got a very generous offer as an apology. Rosebikes customer service coud not solve the problem... Great experience, and decent delivery time, taking into account the problems with cargo services at the moment in the world. It’s all change at the rear end too. However, at times we would have liked a little more comfort up front. I know these are difficult/uncertain times, but even a bit of unprompted outreach/updates would have gone a very long way to me before this frustrating point was reached. Are you still trading?

Kickstand with no fixings... at all, little more than a stick. I contacted their support team but with my recent experience, I may not get feedback for a month with no point of escalation or accountability. The build quality and design is very good - I'm a very happy customer and would definitely use them again.Thank you Rose. Available now. now faced with potential 4 week wait for rest of parts. Also, please e-mail Rose's registered company details in Ireland such as your Vat no.and registered company name in Ireland, along with your address details.

Do NOT buy something if it's not in stock, Very bad experience and zero communication, good experience, would buy again from Rose, Invoice and registered company details in Ireland. My overall experience of purchasing from Rose was positive. big mistake.

It's already 7 days when they received return.

Super service. An order with Bike24 from DE to CH takes 7-8 days, not a month :)) Hence, I filed a dispute with the credit card company. Rose endurance bikes 2018.

i purchase an xlite 6 in May and already had some trouble getting any answer from Rose regarding the order. With the brand new ROSE REVEAL, the direct-to-consumer brand ROSE has ambitions to reposition itself on the market. After few weeks, i see notification, that my items are shipped and money is taken from my bank account without my consent. Ordered a kickstand specifically because it could be mounted on the right side (Hebie Fox Uni 673 E) which arrived promptly in the UK. Take a closer look at the REVEAL and it’s clear that ROSE recognised that they couldn’t have achieved this with just a fresh coat of paint. I have tried call the help line and it just goes dead. 1 email, no response, reminder email ->Response! The German bike brand ROSE have already demonstrated that they can make lust worthy and fast bikes in the form of the ROSE BACKROAD (click for review) and ROSE X-LITE (click for review), which combine high-end specs built on top of a solid chassis.But even though these bikes perform perfectly well, there’s always been a little something missing. The 490 mm carbon D-profile seatpost was developed specifically for the REVEAL and is available with either 8 or 25 mm offset. ROSE stick with a BB86 bottom bracket shell, 12×100 mm and 12×142 mm thru-axles and two 160 mm rotors. If anything goes wrong, you're on your own. Words: Philipp Schwab Photos: Valentin Rühl, Benjamin Topf. they tempt you in with cheap prices but the items are not in stock. Or some other funny stuff Rose clearly does not want to be disclosed. Why?! To make sure not to miss our next issue, you can download our magazine app for free here and subscribe to our newsletter here. I ordered a new bike from Rose, knowing from the date of order that it would take 6-8 weeks for the bike to arrive.During that time I called their customer service team twice to make amendments to my bike specifications and both times received great customer service from individuals speaking their second language.The bike arrived within the delivery time frame, as described, in perfect condition and it rides like a dream.It can only lead me to believe that some reviewers are either impatient or didn't read the delivery times when ordering.The service was faultless and product is great quality. Order reference #7328173. I opened it to find two wheel hubs and one rim. I would recommend Rose Bikes. Well, 1 email, 2nd email, reminder...0 response. All rights reserved. I ordered a turbo trainer, the package arrived with a bunch of duct tape patches on a side, I thought - should be fine, these boxes get scratched easily and it seemed as if it was sent like this, it was very carefully applied - not something a delivery guy would do on the side of the road.

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