Take a look at our early orthodontic before & after photos to see just what's possible with early orthodontic treatment! The perfect storm that leads to braces. He had a breakdown once and I managed to get him drinking banana milkshakes and that helped his mood a lot. The cranking part was just the initial 6 weeks or so. He doesn’t like soft food much at all. Is it support to be really difficult and really tight to turn? Spacer are pain free! It hurts but not unbearably and the lisp is pretty fun. Rapid palatal expander is of 2 types: Haas expanders and Hyrax expanders. After Phase I, there's a resting period of a few years, followed by Phase II treatment that starts once all the permanent teeth have erupted. I imagine that every day would be brutal, as they hardly have a chance to adjust before it’s time to crank them again. Clay started his orthodontic treatment to help correct an uneven smile, protruding teeth, and deep overbite. My son just got his expanders today and he is going nuts with the food getting stuck on it! I get that, I really do, but I am about to smack the expander out of him. She has compacted teeth due to lack of space as her upper jaw is smaller than the bottom one and a cross-bite to deal with. Luke had crowding, an uneven smile, and an anterior crossbite. The down side is you have to stay away from sticky foods. Thank you for your article. Or should I say good information beyond the stories highlighting  pain! Trust me, the only pain felt by anyone was my severe mommy angst wondering if I was torturing him. The warned me against spaghetti-said don’t do it-it will go half down the throat and half in the expander which will make him gag. Let us know about some types of jaw expanders. I feel really disappointed that I missed out on such an important part of that process. Also, she says everything tastes like metal. My daughter will be getting her expander in two weeks. The biggest challenge was eating and talking. Thank you so much for posting your real experience. They showed it to us and talked about. Use wax on the sides the first week if it causes ulcers. Allyson came to us with an anterior crossbite causing recession on her lower incisor. For more information, or to make an appointment with Dr. Shinmachi, please use our Appointment form or call us: Mint Orthodontics Somerville Orthodontic Office Phone Number (908) … Was it just the initial month of cranking or did that continue throughout the treatment? The expander is a custom-made an orthodontic appliance that fits at the roof of … I wish I would have found this before getting our expander, just so I would know what to expect. She completed her orthodontic treatment in less than a year and a half. Ultimately, the end goal for every patient is a healthy, beautiful smile, but the methods and techniques used to get there vary greatly from patient to patient. Treatment time was 5 months. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I just found out my 10 yr old daughter will need the expander, i’m so thankful to all that posted their experiences. He’s not complaining about much. In hind sight, I feel bad for having it put in, only because I don’t think it was an absolute necessity. he tries to eat but it hurts to bite down (spaghetti o’s!) Nothing but jello or pudding! I actually think his little crooked smile is charming and adorable. Thank you for this post, I plan on documenting the experience. Despite the pain and discomfort experienced for both children and their parents at present, remember to focus on the big picture! Mine did not anything but milkshakes from cookout for 5 days. I think he probably can eat a lot of his favorites , but doesn’t want to put effort into slower eating, smaller bites. Take a look and see for yourself! It’s usually done before braces, and most effective (and painless) when used on children… mostly because the palate has not fused yet, so the widening part is a little less traumatic. I found your blog while looking for information, as my 8 year old is likely starting this process. The poor munchkin can’t talk and is so frustrated. My son had the same reaction too, but the most helpful advice is to stick to the softer foods she likes, then add in the more challenging foods. It doesn’t hurt when they turn it and I can feel some pain a while afterwards but I’ve dealt with worse pain for years. I paid about 800-900 dollars. They got stuck in and behind her expander and we had to dig them out with a dental instrument!! While a lucky few are born with perfect teeth, most people will develop an orthodontic problem – also called a malocclusion – at some point in their lifetime. He had to repeat some things many times, sometimes even using hand gestures. He is a meat and potato kid, with a serious love for pastas and breads. But try finding an alternative word for “you”. Oh my gosh! We finally settled on tomato soup but she added cheese and we’ve spent the last 10 mins with a toothpick getting cheese out. Thank you for your blog! She also had a deep overbite and crowding. My son just got his day before yesterday and he’s really having a time eating. Carrie, I found that worst offenders for getting stuck was (ironically) spaghett o’s and straight cut spaghetti. He did fantastic getting everything done-I am the big weanie in the family but he was a trooper. It’s usually done before braces, and most effective (and painless) when used on children… mostly because the palate has not fused yet, so the widening part is a little less traumatic. and the in-mouth pulley system which pulled or pushed my crowded teeth into place. Do they hurt? This was really good! The RPE will adjust to widen the gap over time by turning a screw in the device's center. Rapid Palatal Expander (RPE) The RPE is the traditional palate expander, used by most of the orthodontics. Come back and let me know how it goes! At Corbridge Orthodontics, our mission is simple: help patients of all ages throughout Frisco, Little Elm, and the surrounding areas achieve beautiful, healthy smiles that they truly feel proud of. Plus I have my husband saying I shouldn’t have done it…that doesn’t help either. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment. Dr. Corbridge thought we might need jaw surgery to fully correct her bite but with excellent patient cooperation, and Dr. Corbridge using his expertise, they were able to achieve a beautiful smile and excellent bite using braces and elastics. All up hopefully it will be out in 9 months – fingers crossed. Regular spaghetti just gets caught and becomes pasty- sticks all over the appliance. An orthodontist typically indicates a removable expander when a patient only needs minor jaw widening. I’m glad it will get easier. My daughter has just had hers ‘installed’ and to be honest I am having a complete meltdown. So glad you shared your experience with the expander – wish I had known these details before I had to “crank” for my daughter some years ago. Hi I’m 24 and will be getting a pallet expander I’m nervous and scared !!!! Thank you for sharing your experience! It was miserable. My son had a terrible time. Removable expanders are also more comfortable for adults to wear. Shannon. He is afraid to go to school tomorrow as he thinks no one will understand him.

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