Mon - Fri: 7:30AM - 4:30PM Sat: 8:00AM - 1PM. This impressive table and the external cladding at Peter McKay’s passivhaus in the ACT are made from re-milled spotted gum and blackbutt. -f ? Expensive tip charges are also reducing the amount of reusable timber being dumped in landfills. Peter reclaimed the timber from a series of footbridges which were being (conveniently!) Timber: new, recycled, solid, engineered, Species: colour types grades dimensions hardness, Applications: flooring decking cladding lining stairs posts beams, Sub floor products: recommendations acoustic underlay ply moisture barrier adhesives, Installation: site inspection checklist sub floor ventilation install guidelines restraining methods, Timber coatings: checklist coating products summary coating products. Premium prices for recycled Australian hardwood timbers, including bridge timbers like spotted gum and ironbark, appear to be a major factor ensuring recycled timbers re-enter the building market. The strength and durability of this Australian hardwood has seen it used throughout the ages as a preferred structural timber. recycled ironbark posts. The power/transmission poles that are received by the mill have been decommissioned and deemed unserviceable by our supplier for their needs. The move towards commodification of recycled timber needs to be put in perspective though: it accounts for a tiny fraction of the $4.3 billion annual new timber market in Australia. Grey Ironbark Hardwood, Australian grown Class 1 durability ideal for decking, flooring, cladding, posts and beams. “Recycled timbers are unique. PIC 1/2. These ratings for recycled materials are not an exact science, and may be less relevant for recycled materials that are massively over-engineered for their purposes, such as enormous beams used for a pergola. Today Red Ironbark is used for all manner of building construction materials from poles to posts and beams and its ideal for hardwearing areas such as flooring and decking. We guarantee they will be the talking piece of wherever you decide to feature them. If your use is non-structural, including timber features, flooring and lining, this is less important. ‘Reclaimed’ timber is generally from urban demolitions or even old piers. The timber was split in half for the cladding and cut to achieve an overlapping profile. Details . Approximately 20,000 lineal metres of 4”x 2” house frame timbers were used for the City of Melbourne CH2 Project. Large End Section Recycled Structural Timber Posts. Our recycled timber species include: Ironbark; Redgum; Cypress; Oregon; Jarrah; Spotted Gum Recycled timber can be more expensive to purchase compared to using new materials. Residence in Vaucluse, Recycled Spotted Gum for feature Beams, Berry Woolshed, being restored with recycled Ironbark Structural, cladding and flooring, Newcastle Railway Station, Rough Sawn recycled Structural Beams 290 x 200BY 6mts, Alexandria Public Area, Rough Sawn recycled Structural Beams 300 x 200 & 200 x 200 BY 1 6mts, WATCH A RECYCLED POLE CHANGE TO A BEAUTIFUL FEATURE POST. We guarantee they will be the talking piece of wherever you decide to feature them. Despite the industry growth, recycled timbers stubbornly defy real commodification. It is also ideal for hardwearing areas such as flooring and decking. A good penetrating oil or protective coating must be applied when installed. Large recycled beams and posts create character with inherent structure. A 2013-2014 Sustainability Victoria market report gives some perspective, though. They have been polished to a smooth finish, so whether you intend to feature them indoors or outdoors, they will make an amazing statement piece. %%+ -dEmbedAllFonts=true -dSubsetFonts=true -dCompressFonts=true -dNOPAUSE -dQUIET -dBATCH ? %PDF-1.4 Approximately 270,000 old and rusty nails were removed by hand. Yes – but the general consensus is that it isn’t worth it for any structural elements of a building that are hidden from view. creba, Eucalyptus fibrosa, The heartwood colour is deep red. LOT 42 ~ Ironbark - Recycled Fender - Princes Pier 1918 - 350 x 150 x 4.2m (1pc) LOT 43 ~ Redgum Seat - Twin Faced - 4.1m x 350mm High. -P- -dSAFER -dCompatibilityLevel=1.4 -dAutoRotatePages=/None -dPDFSETTINGS=/ebook -dDetectDuplicateImages=true Engineering computations to confirm structural sufficiency are normally based on grading associated with readily available new materials. recycled ironbark posts. This still happens but is less common than it used to be. Not-for-profit organisation that enables, represents and inspires people to live sustainably in their homes and communities. LOT 44 ~ 2pcs Turpentine Wharf Piles - 3.8m & 4m - Ex Yarra Docklands. French oak wine barrels, for example, which are re-milled and used for floorboards. For woodworking accessories, check out our online store. We have only one Ironbark post remaining, so make sure you get in touch with us before it’s gone! All aimed at giving you the most suitable and “intelligent” outcome - To help make your timber selection more process and guided based we take you through a path of chooses which lead you to your ideal floor. Terminology is rarely consistent, so keep your brain switched on. What sets us apart is the passion we have for recycled timber. They have been polished to a smooth finish, so whether you intend to feature them indoors or outdoors, they will make an amazing statement piece. NASH TIMBERS PROJECTS THAT HAVE BEEN SUPPLIED WITH RECYCLED TIMBER, Ryde Park Amenities block, maintenance shed and café, Recycled Ironbark and Spotted Gum which included structural, roof and wall cladding. Standard Sizes: 100x100, 150x150, 200x200, 250x250, 300x300. In general, decking timbers are guaranteed to last around 10 to 20 years; on these numbers some people argue that decking is not the most sustainable use for any timber. We supplied recycled 300mm x 300mm grey ironbark posts (approximately 10) as well as an 11 metre long grey ironbark beam that was installed as an exposed/feature beam. These timbers are collected from a diversity of sources and when laid as floorboards the variety can look stunning. Highly durable with a medium and even texture, Eucalyptus sideroxylon, Eucalyptus Recycled Timber Specialists offer an enviable selection of recycled posts sourced from old warehouses, factories, sheds, stables etc. �[�\,t!+4����$1���I��`����i�E�rnI�zG Xа9��PH9B���\ ^1���a"1:�H�6�M� r��وDpS�w��D�B�E�����13eS�*Cւ"Ԅ���!KDK�b as�~!8��|���N��*6�i)6��I����S�L(�1S�+�z5;��,���B�(eF�M�ઈ�Z����T�S.h�܂3�l���Y| Find yourself quality design advice and develop a relationship with a reputable recycler. Recycled Grey Ironbark, Spotted Gum and Wood Flooring. And while second-hand materials can be difficult to work with, some of it has been dried for over 20 and 30 years or more,” says Chas McKinna, a building inspector working in Victoria who’s had 60 years of experience in the industry. Timber was recycled from warehouses, derelict buildings and factories. Experienced building inspectors will also need independent third party certification of visually graded recycled materials. “Using recycled timber is a statement of environmental responsibility,” says Andrew Brodie, managing director of Australian Architectural Hardwoods in Kempsey. MENU. If you don’t see nail holes and other scars on recycled timber you would likely need to question how it was possibly used so carefully in the past. Images supplied. Recycled ironbark posts. From new constructions to renovations, Recycled Timbers is your choice when it comes to quality timber flooring, decking, windows, and many others. Click Here to request your sample Exclusively from NASH TIMBERS, this new and unique select system allows our clients to make an intelligent & informed choice of timber requirements by using our Interactive PDF Program that guides you through different timber options from colour, types of timber flooring and finishes, grade, widths, heights, lengths, durability, hardness & sustainability. <> Due to the timber already having a life outside, a maintenance program must be put into place. Image: Marcel Lee. Flooring is one of the major uses for recycled timber. Building with recycled timber is more like collecting antiques than buying Lego blocks. LOT 43 ~ Redgum Seat - Twin Faced - 4.1m x 350mm High . About Us; Products. PIC 2/2. It’s not recommended to buy materials that have been water soaked or stored outside; and be aware of ‘mixed’ packs of floorboards that are sold as one house lot. Sapwood is very distinctive, being pale yellow in colour, A wide range of external applications including heavy engineering, marine structures, poles, sleepers, framework, flooring and decking, Kennedy’s timber samples at your fingertips. NB:Small section recycled timber available naturally air dried or kiln dried. Sustainably sourced new timbers are likely to remain an important component for many renovations and new homes. Some dealers now import recycled timbers from offshore, including China and Indonesia, but we would advise very close scrutiny of such offerings. For example, Recycled Ironbark Blend will include both Grey and Red Ironbark due to supply constraints and also the difficulty in definitive specie identification when timber is old and weathered. Much of the character of such material derives from all the bolt and nail holes and distressed marks. These timbers are well seasoned but if milled the moisture content from the centre to the outer edges varies quite considerably. Decks are often the most exposed part of a building and many recycled timbers, particularly those species native to Australia’s southern states, may not be suitable. Recycled timbers used as features or as timber ‘accents’ can add warmth and character to a room or façade and is an increasingly popular way to use recycled timber. ��b4_������hb�+L���_�8�A�R���J؎�d3�����#� �J�4�Z�+��c�P�]�5vo�3��>�����Z9�K��fc�ު_�i�x[�\I�w!� ZB�m�n�O��;t�C�ź��4d��%���a ��������`B+%� 9Y� �D?mAX��g#8R�dn��7�͕ What you want may not be available – it is a finite resource after all. A must for any architect, designer, engineer or builder who specifies or uses timber in designing a project. PIC 1/2. Before the 1980s, a load of chunky hardwood beams from a woolshed demolition was more likely to be burnt than carefully de-nailed, re-milled and given centre stage. It is also worth speaking with your building inspector. For this residential renovation project we supplied a wide and varied range of recycled timber products. Buy Timber-Care Products Online. Feature post and beams (As is, ground and wire brushed or Dressed All Round), Flooring,  Staircase material, bench top material,  Weatherboard and Lining Board. They offer warmth, character and features you can’t get any other way,” says Mandy Donchi of Nullarbor Timber. Re-milled timber is a ‘new’ product, and should be graded in line with the Australian Standard, so it is worth getting your head around terminology such as ‘standard and better’, ‘over grade’ and ‘run of the mill’. While the Forest Stewardship Council offers certification that could technically be relevant, even reputable dealers rarely apply it to recycled materials. Dressed, furniture-grade recycled timber in the rack at Nullarbor Timber. ‘Re-milled’ timbers are recovered from large-dimensioned lengths and then dressed and cut into smaller cross-sections and consistent sizes for new applications. The best way to build confidence that your timber actually is recycled is to critically assess the ‘chain of custody’ with your supplier. Access to timbers harvested from the world’s old-growth forests is severely restricted – for many species the only responsible way to purchase them is second hand. ‘Salvaged’ can be quite ambiguous: it may be simply recycled, or it may be 200-year-old fallen habitat trees that have been pulled from paddocks and rivers. Be flexible. 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