With each episode comes a new location and mega structure, which takes him around the globe exploring the likes of the world’s longest underground railway tunnel to a cargo ship the size of four football pitches. This program won the Beijing International Science Film Festival Silver Award, and earned Discovery's second-highest weeknight rating for 2002.

Climb aboard as Mighty Ships provides exclusive access to some of the world’s most astonishing working ships. World's Longest Railway Tunnel. In freezing January, the stakes are high as the lives of the crew are at risk in the treacherous environment of frozen, slippery decks, ice-coated equipment, and dangerous seas. The Swiss government is spending 18 billion dollars to create the Gotthard Base Tunnel – the longest tunnel in the world, getting people and goods through the Alps up to three times faster and ultimately changing European transit forever.

Amazon Prime Masters of Engineering. Season 2 was the first season produced in HDTV for HD Theater. Shot in HD, the series features stunning visuals from aboard these boats, with unprecedented access to everything above and below deck.

Singapore Sky Park (now Marina Bay Sands) will hang 650 ft (198 m) in the air on top of three skyscrapers. Discover the advanced technology behind these huge vessels and meet the crew as they journey across the seas. It takes a four-week voyage from Turkey to Indonesia to deliver badly-needed electricity. Extreme Engineering is a documentary television series that aired on the Discovery Channel and the Science Channel.

Find out what makes their jobs so unique - and often, very challenging.MIGHTY SHIPS episode descriptions:MV FairplayerIf there's a muscleman among ships, its name is MV Fairplayer.

Whether it's cargo container ships, ice-breakers, or livestock carriers, MIGHTY SHIPS is as much about what happens inside the ship as the journey each vessel makes. Engineering the Impossible was a 2-hour special, created and written by Alan Lindgren and produced by Powderhouse Productions for the Discovery Channel. Modern-day pirates have been terrorizing the waters off Somalia, capturing ships and taking hostages at gunpoint with increasing frequency.

Some of the media you are attempting to download are from Networks that Each episode of the series follows a particular sea-going vessel and provides an insight into the ship and its crew. So Brazil is building one of the largest hydroelectric projects in the world, the Simplício Hydroelectric Complex. Danny Forster goes with crews as they construct one of the most advanced swimming facilities ever built.

Richard takes flight aboard the US Air Force's biggest cargo plane: The C-5M Super Galaxy. The USS Nimitz, like the whole US Navy, has to be ready for any mission, anywhere in the world.

Its high tech nozzle sucks up seabed gravel that's full of diamonds, and hoovers them up to the mother ship on the surface.

Crews are now carving out Turkey's largest construction site in the country's most challenging terrain by building one of the tallest and strongest dams ever made, the Deriner Dam. Plus follow the intricate relationships of those on board, such as the crew and staff who navigate these crafts, and find out what makes their jobs so unique and challenging. Learn about the inner workings of these sophisticated vessels – from the mechanics of modern sea-faring to the human dramas on board.

The season kicks off with Holland America Line’s Koningsdam as it travels through the Norwegian fjords. Richard visits the world's tallest building: the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Richard explores elements that engineering projects have in common. sees him go behind-the-scenes of the largest structures and machines in the world to gain insight into the science of ‘big’.

Richard explores the huge Tottenham Hotspur Football Stadium in London.

Featuring stunning visuals from aboard these vessels, it explores the mechanics of each ship and the intricate relationships of those aboard. Richard takes a helicopter ride out to one of the most remote places on earth: the Appomattox production platform in the Gulf of Mexico. The Netherlands is running out of land. Abu Dhabi's $15 billion Central Market will be a new cultural hub for an emerging world destination, complete with offices, parks, luxurious shops, and hotels – and all centered around the world's tallest residential tower, over 1250 feet high.

Print; Mighty Ships 'Mighty Ships' provides exclusive access to some of the world's most extraordinary working ships. Episode 5. Season one[2] episode 4, Icarus' Dream. With unprecedented access to everything above and below deck, MIGHTY SHIPS explores the mechanics of the actual ships.

The series also reveals the intricate relationships of those aboard, such as the crew and staff who navigate these ships. The Yasin Bey is a ship and power plant all in one. When it's built, the UK is counting on this wind farm to power 120,000 homes, but construction is behind schedule.

Rio de Janeiro has frequent widespread blackouts. If they succeed to build this breathtaking piece of engineering, it could completely change the way airports are designed. The risks are high and a small family-owned Dutch shipping company Jumbo is staking its reputation on a safe - and successful - voyage for the world's strongest heavy-lift transport ship.HDMS AbsalonHDMS Absalon, one of the most modern warships in the world, has set sail to stop modern-day pirates off the coast of Somalia. Discovery Channel » Programs » Mighty Ships.

limit downloads to 5 per day. His vertical mission includes climbing the biggest lightening conductor on earth! Origins of the show. It focused on three incredible, yet physically possible, engineering projects: the nine-mile-long (14 km) Gibraltar Bridge, the 170-story Millennium Tower and the over 4,000-foot-long (1,200 m) Freedom Ship. Please help to establish notability by citing. Discovery Channel Superships Irish Ferries Ulysses - YouTube Richard explores Volkswagen's giant car plant in Wolfsburg, Germany. The London Aquatics Centre will host 44 swimming and diving events during the 2012 Summer Olympics and live on as a new addition to the London landscape.

The $2 billion Mumbai Airport expansion project is one of India's most ambitious undertakings aiming to improve Mumbai's Infrastructure for economic growth. Discovery Channel » Programs » Mighty Ships Print Mighty Ships Premieres: Southeast Asia on Oct 16 at 6:00 pm; Australasia on Oct 16 at 3:00 pm Previous Image 1 / 10 Next COME ALONG ON A JOURNEY AND …

© 2019 Discovery Networks International. Richard will meet the unsung heroes behind their development and delve into the science needed to create them via a series of incredible experiments, proving that it’s the tiny that makes the truly massive possible. Akamalik is a floating, ultra-modern processing plant and a rugged shrimp boat, all-in-one sleek package. Kuwait's Al Hamra Tower is the world's tallest twisting structure. He explores a pitch that splits and rolls away and takes a terrifying walk on the stadium roof! Johannesburg, South Africa's Mponeng Gold Mine is the deepest place on Earth. Sailing the dangerous, ice-choked sea around Greenland, Akamalik is equipped with highly sophisticated radar, scanned continuously, to help her avoid rough seas and icebergs that could sink her.

Mighty Ships is a documentary television program produced by Exploration Production Inc. in Canada and aired on Discovery Channel Canada and also broadcast around the world. Image credits: Discovery Communications Bell Media Entertainment Specialty Richard ventures 2km beneath the Alps into the world's longest underground railway connection, the Brenner Base Tunnel, riding some giant machines!

Copyright © 2020 Discovery Communications, Inc. It traverses the world, from China and Malaysia to Germany.

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