He is also Ox's former friend. Uh… can we just talk about that shit for a moment?! He is forced, by whatever system is at play in this universe, to stay on house arrest and tell other dolls how to do what he has wanted to do for his whole life… all because of who he is and how he was created. #art #fanart #UglyDolls fanart #Lou UglyDolls #Nolan UnglyDolls #Guybrenart #tongustwister. art fanart Uglydolls fanart Lou x Nolan Lou uglydolls Nolan uglydolls. Model. Apple. And the saddest part is that he knows that but is forced to watch anyway. Reblog. He is literally the only one of his kind - people would pay thousands to have that!). . Shutter Speed. UglyDolls- Lou And Mandy (Left Hand/Right Hand) By AngelTheLEGOFan Watch. A long shot, don’t even take this bet.” - Fall Out Boy, Lou is literally trapped in doll purgatory but go off I guess, Idk how Tumblr works but here’s a sketch of Lou, why does lou from ugly dolls look so much like matthew fairchild. 231 notes. Here’s Nick Jonas, and all he wants is to be with a kid. UglyDolls - Body shaming. fan art fanart lou uglydolls ud animated movies. iPhone 6. But by that point, he’s learned that things that he once called “ugly” are actually beautiful. anonymous I DID A REALLY STUPID MEME JKHSKJHDJKAH It’s in russian but i made english subtitles ENJOY, Movie: makes Lou a three-dimensional villain with sympathetic motives, Movie: anyways let’s not address it haha, no redemption for him, okay so basically i’m so done with lou’s hair it doesn’t work well with my style, although he looks like some edgy 8th grader who only shops at hot topic, I haven’t even sent the uglydolls movie and I just saw this clip and immediately thought… why am I loving this Lou character and I was like…, Why are these two Vibin on the same wave length, So, I watched Ugly Dolls. He’s kind of airheaded sometimes, but is no idiot whatsoever. Reblog. Please creators, make some merch with him T-T. montyth . I know Uglydolls is a kids movie but the villain song slaps and I’ve seen this masterpiece in cinemas twice now!! There were so many possibilities considering his rather sympathetic motives, it would have been much more heartwarming conclusion than him giving the usual villain defeat/humiliation. 222 Views. He is a perfect doll and the (former) arrogant leader of the town of Perfection. 154 notes. Or a perfectionist like him, or a child from a poor family. sounds fake tbh, #im legally obligated to post this im sorry, #I haven't even seen the trailers but he's everywhere with my mutuals and I love him, #the looping lou gif makes me like. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. 228 notes. uglydolls uglydollsmovie uglydolls2019 uglydollslou uglydollsmandy. 61 Likes, 6 Comments - LEMME BREAK IT DOWN (@cottoncandycraze) on Instagram: “Me walking down the wedding aisle”, 368 Likes, 15 Comments - •Juliiee Min• (@juliieemin) on Instagram: “Las expresiones de Lou iluminan mi vida ✨ #uglydollslou #uglydollsmoxy #uglydollstuesday #digitalart”, 61 Likes, 1 Comments - kei/ ⅶ ✎ (@kuroerii) on Instagram: “lou x nolan! He just rushes towards her and embraces her, to which she hugs him with a hug you would give to someone you love most. No seriously, he can be an asshole, but we’re still gonna treat him like the baddest guy in this universe?! They, alongside with others of my fcs (not all though) have a siblings-like relationship. 1/170 second. Lou voice: the UglyDolls are the blame for all of my problems, I watched uglydolls yesterday, it was GOOD, Gotta get all my Lou sketches out here before Uglydolls gets even more irrelevant U_U. . Raymond is full of joy and is also really friendly. Edit: To show what I’m talking about, I put the music over it and it’s exactly the same, I was watching The Ugly Truth and noticed some things—, I’m screaming they have gay dolls that just S W O O N over Lou and I love it so much. This is almost like how Vanellope is treated in the first Wreck-it Ralph movie - unless she crosses the finish line, she will forever be a glitch that cannot leave her own game. Uglydolls fandom where you at?? "Only pretty dolls will meet their perfect human match." im unironically dubbing him ‘matthhole’. Follow. These are three of my many Uglydolls’ fcs: Brend, Halley and Raymond. It’ll probably never happen considering how much this movie bombed at the box office (I remember the theater was empty when I went to see it), but a girl can dream. If Lou did get to go to the real world and is given to a child born with physical deformities or disabilities. UglyDolls - Lou n Moxy. like. baiddaid. Koki-arts. I made a dollsona… who I’m purposely shipping with Lou so I can feel better about myself [old watermark]. Koki-arts. As the most perfect one at the Institute, Lou is universally looked upon as a role model to the rest of the dolls where the dolls glorify him to the point where a cult of personality has formed around him.When the UglyDolls arrive at the Institute of Perfection, Lou is openly antagonistic towards them and tells them to \"go back to where they belong\". I hadn’t seen anyone else do this so I eventually decided to do it myself, I didn’t bother changing the signature since I mainly use Instagram now, The Nonsense Thing in Diamond’s Head Today 18: Why Lou is Actually One of the Most Sympathetic Villains I’ve Ever Seen (SPOILERS), the nonsense thing in diamond's head today. pretty-gamerz. Aperture. Sep 26, 2019 - Explore Jordan Ann Liebau's board "Uglydolls Lou" on Pinterest. 235 Favourites. (Not to mention how much a prototype of his kind would go for on eBay or Pawn Stars. See more ideas about Ugly dolls, Being ugly, Dolls. Reblog. ill i hate it even though i made it, #hated making this also but here u go des from when i was hyperfixated on uglydolls/lou, #omfg imma drown myself in making fanart for this fandom, #lou is the reason im into this fandom...and nolan idk but i love him already, #lou is like another creek from trolls situation for me, #i still need to go see the uglydolls movie. 250 Favourites. Namely why we should be paying less attention to the Uglydolls themselves and more attention to Mr. lou looks pretty good in shorts - - ❌ DO NOT REPOST! (Final warning: major movie spoilers up ahead!). #uglydolls #uglydollslou #uglydollsnolan #uglydollsfanart #uglydollsmovie…”, 28 Likes, 5 Comments - ✎ Pandora ☆ (@dontmesswithpandora) on Instagram: “@heartletz ,This Needs To Be An Audio Drama On YouTube Or A RP On Instagram! No matter what he does, he will never have the same satisfaction as his fellow dolls. Idk why, but my brain wanted to see Snufkin giving weed to Lou so he could chill a lil bit. #lou #uglydolls #lou uglydolls. 17 Comments. There is literally nothing he can do to change his circumstances. said: i know right! this boy carried it and made it viable for me! I tried LOL. Diamond here. F/2.2. shimospookyapple . I did a small series on the weapons of choice and the art aesthetic of the three Lou’s! Lou and Mandy.. My otp really.. Theyre adorable together even if in the canon one they don’t like eachother. I was looking through my YouTube's recommendation and I found a video about Uglydolls so I decided to redraw one of my first drawings of this movie, Lou. #fanart #fandom #uglydolls #lou #lou uglydolls #mandy uglydolls #uglydolls movie. (   *  &                  SP. Lou’s so perfect, in fact, that we wonder why he has never gone to the real world himself. Who’s the best-looking animated dude of 2019? Reblog. 3. have a littl faith in meeee that’s all I need yes, The first page of my sketchbook is finally done!!! ❌ - - #uglydolls #uglydollslou…”, 223 Likes, 7 Comments - Alantin/Alan/Ruby (@heartletz) on Instagram: “aaaayyyy #uglydolls #au #art #badeyesightlou”. Louis, also known as Lou, is the main antagonist of UglyDolls. I can’t.. Unfollow. ❌ - - #uglydollslou #louuglydolls…”. Lou is pretty uhhh….. Yeah-, Lou from Uglydolls but he’s voice by Dwayne Johnson. 0 Comments. Unfollow. Sorry for any misspellings or errors, english is not my mother language ;;. #jill if you see this please tell me who he is, #i can draw this but not my ocs? Hope you like it! Check out inspiring examples of uglydolls artwork on DeviantArt, and get inspired by our community of talented artists. You know what would have been more meaningful? 19 Comments. i was so sad there wasn’t really much about their past when they were still friends :( and i actually want to draw them more,,,,, and i will as soon as i can, find yourself someone who would look at you the way lou is looking at his ugly green boyfriend. BUT I have some big thoughts to share about it. Make. Image size. Day after day, he trains dolls to emulate the exact traits he has and watches them go on to fulfill their dreams and be with a kid. Me @ Lou . That is legitimately one of the most depressing things I’ve seen in a movie. i remember some of my oldest uglydolls fanart… now i’ve deleted them because it’s been traced and stolen. Ray is the oldest and Halley and Brend are the ones in the middle. uglydolls uglydolls lou. Brend is kind of a jerk to be honest, always grumpy and threatening everyone who comes too close. UglyDolls - Nolan. 10 Comments. Meanwhile, he is forced to be a prisoner at the Institute of Perfection. #Eyesightlou”, 103 Likes, 0 Comments - kei/ ⅶ ✎ (@kuroerii) on Instagram: “i dont swear much on posts but it was lou - ❌ DO NOT REPOST! 751 notes. Follow. (I'm sorry I love this scene so much)( If I wrote wrong, please tell me), #i havent even seen this movie but every time i see this i bust up, #shrug might make more stuff on my twitter, #sorry dis is kind of cringe I just really like uglydolls right now, #also sorry the quality is so bad this was made on something times 420 so itskind of small, #IM SORRY I MADE HER TOO GLAM OBVIOUSLY SHES NOT ACTUALLY LIKE THAT IN MY CANON KJNGJKNFG.

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