He said that there could never be reconciliation without social justice. I wish to honour, respect, to be gentle, polite. I learnt to swim in irrigation channels with we shared amicably with yabbies, fresh water mussels, leeches, red belly blacks and I suspect a considerable amount of chemicals… It was the 150th anniversary of Whitton public school. I like to think of the electorate today as a bit like that crowd – and thanks them there are more Aboriginal voices in this place than ever before; The Aboriginal part of my story is important, it is core to who I am. Fundamentally reconciliation is about 3 things; Reciprocity, restitution and truth telling. One of the bravest statements I have ever heard was in the opening ceremony of the 1997 Reconciliation Convention in Melbourne. In many ways these experiences have been the catalyst for my subsequent life as an advocate for education and social justice. It talks of the deep affection you have for those people. That creek is now known as Poison Waterhole Creek and their sheltering place as Murdering Island. It was the first sitting of the new Labor government, 13th February 2008. Friendships over ones whole life are rare things indeed. My children Binni and Willuari, my pride and love for you is more than all the stars in the sky. I pay respect to the ancient Ngunawhal and Ngambri. Let me tell you a little of the Wiradjuri story. So Mr Speaker, why Labor? My partner in life, the late Rick Farley I don’t know what you would think of me sitting in this place but I do know that our country is poorer for having lost you. As a school teacher, as member of the NSW Anti-Discrimination board; as a Director General; a representative of first Peoples to the UN; Local member and as a Minister responsible for at risk children – I’ve seen why government intervention is necessary. Scars as much on our national landscape as on our national soul. People have decried what they see as the lack of sincerity and a lack of good faith in our political conversation. People from every corner of the globe. The challenge of domestic violence in our communities is a national crisis – strong rhetoric must be matched with strong action and leadership. Kevin Rudd was the new Prime Minister, Jenny Macklin Minister for Indigenous Affairs and Brendan Nelson Opposition Leader. Over half of the people in Barton were born overseas; almost 10% in China; we have a well-established post World War II Greek Community; A thriving Arabic speaking community; We have a rapidly growing Nepalese community and a small but active Indian community. I have been in public life for some time – but I have to admit that with the frenetic pace of a local campaign I did not contemplate the response that the election of the First Aboriginal woman to the House of Representatives would get. Recognition of the First People in our nation’s constitution is the next step in the path we are walking towards a country that can look itself in the eye, knowing that we have come of age. The Victorian state Labor conference will this weekend debate motions about the closure of offshore detention centres. Peter Dutton says Labor ‘fabricated’ transcript but MP says it was a ‘genuine mistake’ by her staff, Wed 23 May 2018 22.06 EDT It is strong country. The Labor frontbencher Linda Burney has admitted her office made “a mistake” incorrectly transcribing an interview, omitting her call for a “time limit” on how long people were held in offshore immigration detention. Tom McIlroy Political reporter. My Great Aunt Letitia Laing (Nina) and her brother William\Billy. Kym Peake's departure follows the resignation of the health minister and Victoria's top bureaucrat after a breach in hotel quarantine sparked a second wave of the COVID-19 virus in the state. In a statement distributed on Thursday, Ms Burney said she had made the comments during a broadcast interview. “This is a deliberate act of fabrication.”, “Linda Burney has presided over a fraudulent document going out, purporting to be something that it is not.”, “How can Mr Shorten trust [someone] on his frontbench who has deliberately lied in relation to what she said? The first indigenous female MP Linda Burney delivered her maiden speech in the House of the Representatives in Parliament House in Canberra. He suggested Labor would emerge from its conference with a “flashy statement” to pretend that it supports the Coalition’s Operation Sovereign Borders policy but it will be “a complete and utter dodgy deal and nobody should believe it”. Friends, a coolomon is what we carried our babies in.

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