I got spoiled on the game, and I gotta say. Oh boy... @mist Pretty sure that was in the standalone DLC and I’ve not even played it. But honestly, I dropped my money already on this pre-order and now I don't even know when it is coming out. I also really loved the multiplayer from the first game. Terrible writing! Mgs2....Mgs2 everywhere. They are no longer bounded by release dates and could potentially turn this into an advantage. I am not a fan of the last of us. Ahhh, it wouldn't be a TLOU comment thread without a few people making the effort to let us all know that they think TLOU 1 is overrated and/or TLOU2 is "woke". oh they can't be so big already so i can probably click on this an- oh", Joel dying was expected but still hurts bad, I'll be more than happy to see Ellie dying that annoying piece of shit but man not Joel :(, inject this shit right into my eyeballs i love it. It seems that there is some disgruntled employee who wanted to break the intrigue and secrecy of the next release. @Ironmanajm It's only been delayed twice, get a hold of yourself. The gameplay looks really fantastic, but I don't know if I can stomach that part for that long, no matter how good the gameplay is. The story beats and themes, while absolutely a tired pastiche, could have been interesting in a video game if this game where not a sequel. It's time we tuned our minds that games have NEVER solely been about the story, it's about you UNIQUELY experiencing it for yourself, by y'know PLAYING it. Don't punish us on top of all of this other nonsense. Update 2: Sony may have been quick to respond to the official wave of leaked The Last of Us: Part II videos, but it's been unable to stop the bleeding. So story spoilers? Xbox Will have a field day with Sony supposed to best studio (bla bla immersion) Will create such s***! See you later. Original Story: Be very, very careful: enormous The Last of Us: Part II leaks have started to emerge online. ” While leaks are a constant in the gaming industry, they must always be taken with a grain of salt. It’s also the responsibility of fans to decide whether they wish to view leaks and spoilers. Not sure what the punishment for breaching an NDA is, but im guessing its a hefty fine at the very least. I've still got my pre order and it sounds like I'm going to be pretty annoyed what they do with these characters but still if the game play is as good as it seems from the trailers I won't be too bitterly disappointed. First of all, I want to say Naughty Dog got what they deserve. Especially as Abby specifically tells her "Never let me see you again" after their last fight.

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