The Issachar Anointing is the unique anointing of the men of Issachar that enabled them to understand the times and seasons to influence and lead Israel to establish the greatest dynasty of all time, perpetuated by the kingship of the Lord Jesus Christ. We must understand our weakness’. 4. Apostle Cox has put together this book for aspiring Issachar gifted prophets. We can also see in Ezra 6:14 that the Jewish leadership team continued their work and was greatly encouraged through the prophesying/preaching of the prophets. We are a family, and that’s what family does for one another. A season to open ancient wells and to old and new cluster anointing - Oil has been discovered in Israel. Gift #1 Chayil by John Eckhardt. Based on scriptural principles and stories this book will teach you how to activate and apply discernment in every area of your life. This rift plunges Israel into a civil war, as the Kingdom of Israel is divided between David, and the unfortunate Ish-bosheth, whose reign is short lived. When a woman exercises this discernment, they will find help/insight in these areas: favor, the atmosphere of their home, children, husband, outside associations, protection, provision, recovery of what's been lost, timing, right place, right plan, right people, living a life that will be remembered, the everyday ayurveda cookbook PDF free download, Chapter Eight - Campylobacter in the Food Chain, Creating and Maintaining an Information Literacy Instruction Program in the Twenty-First Century, Advanced Bioprocessing for Alternative Fuels, Biobased Chemicals, and Bioproducts, Solidification and Solid-State Transformations of Metals and Alloys, Rules of Thumb for Maintenance and Reliability Engineers, Industrial Chemical Process Analysis and Design, Low Carbon Energy Technologies in Sustainable Energy Systems, Mathematical Applications for the Management, Life, and Social Sciences. The word “Issachar” means reward, compensation, benefit, salary. Issachar was peculiar, and a small tribe of Israel who possessed a special prophetic anointing to discern and predict spiritual movements, patterns, seasons of wealth and acquisition. It takes something rough, like sandpaper, to grind away rusty areas until they are smooth once again. Prophetic messages from respected leaders & news of how God is moving throughout the world. Issachar prophets that God will use those who possess the supernatural ability to prophesy in times of lack and will be able to locate pools of blessings spiritually. Your sensitivity to God is compensation to other Christians because you are able to know things in the Spirit, able to pick up things in the Spirit. The Church needs to operate in the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding now!

But the tribe of Reuben was divided; they could not decide to come. 12:32). I believe they were a very spiritual people, sensitive to God's direction.

During that time, we celebrated during our times of success, and we’ve encouraged each other during times of failure. Regina said this on May 29, 2013 at 6:32 am | Reply. As we place our faith in the one who will never fail us, the difficult times make way for joy once again.

No good thing will he withhold from those who walk uprightly.” This is the inheritance we look forward to—this the hope of our calling in Him. Do you understand the times and seasons that are governing your life?

Your labor will not produce lack, but abundance. Issachar was peculiar, and a small tribe of Israel who possessed a special prophetic anointing to discern and predict spiritual movements, patterns, seasons of wealth and acquisition.

An autobiographical record of a spiritual journey in pursuit of intimacy with God. Are you ready for God to release the prophetic destiny of your nation? They had understanding of the times and seasons.

Our attitude will determine the outcome. Are you able to flow with the times and seasons that are governing your life? Just as ..".the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do..." (1 Chronicles 12:32) Everything is as God sees! It showcases the interconnectedness between various dimensions of the nature of God and the manner of his operations and manifestations. One may ask what does the word "Issachar" mean biblically? As things now stand we are headed for disaster. Josephine Bessman, codirector, Freetown Bible Training Center). It also shows that every woman has been given a special gift (sometimes referred to as intuition). Zebulun, the tenth son of Jacob and the sixth and last of Leah, meant "dwelling, habitation." Charisma News - Informing believers with news from a Spirit-filled perspective, What a Catholic Holy Man Prophesied About Donald Trump, Prophecy: Issachar Prophets and Intercessors Are Arising, Click here to subscribe to the Charisma News newsletter. Using the gifts He gave you will bring about His purpose in your life and the Church as a whole. This is the first translation with commentary of selections from The Zohar, the major text of the Kabbalah, the Jewish mystical tradition.

I was led to your website during my online search for information regarding the Issachar Anointing. Have you experienced stunted growth in an aspect of your life no matter how hard you tried? It also will be a place of immense proportions in the future, as it is the appointed place for the Battle of Armageddon. A season for those who believe in God to do exploits This is a very exciting time to be born in. Did you know that divinity interacts with humanity in small and big ways? His name meant "may He [God] be praised." Everything that God has promised will be revealed in His timing. As I was releasing the Word of the Lord in the Big Apple, the Lord showed me that there is a remnant of prophets and prophetic intercessors arising that will carry the prophetic forecast of what He is doing now and next for the body of Christ. He was the fifth son of Leah, and his name also means "laborer" or "hired hand."

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We are living in such critical times today that it is imperative for believers to learn to use every tool given to us by the Holy Spirit.
He is known for his keen accurate prophetic gifting and supernatural ministry. The Issachar prophets and intercessors will be strong, mighty and robust, able to bear burdens for others and for the Lord to see supernatural breakthroughs. The mighty men of Israel have fallen in a great slaughter against Philistines during a battle at Mount Gilboa. He desires that our lives be so filled to overflowing that we do not have room enough to keep it all. in a secular home…. The tribe of Issachar was positioned strategically with Judah and Zebulun (Numbers 2:5; 10:14-15). You can use the Issachar Anointing to understand the times and seasons that govern your life and then leverage the Issachar Anointing to change the times or seasons to favor you.

Each of the 12 sons of Israel received a prophetic blessing and impartation from their father, Jacob, just before his death. At House of David Ministries, we’ve spent over 16 years together. Apostle Cox connects us with the opportunity of the now day generation Issachar prophet. We must listen during that glorious time to hear the clear voice of the Lord as he prepares us to begin to walkout our callings.

The One New Man Network acts as a voice to the Nations, walking out the instructions of Mark 16:15, “…Go into all the world and preach and publish openly the good news (the Gospel) to every creature.” With the vision to preach and to publish openly the good news, The One New Man Network brings a message of salvation that can be heard throughout the Nations of the World! The joy of the Lord is our strength, and we must harness negative emotions and let the inheritance of joy that the Father has passed down to us, bring us through times of sorrow, pain, and stretching. I recently shared a word about the release of the Issachar anointing. The Lord revealed to me in prayer that the prophetic intercessors will be used tremendously to detect, monitor and stand in the gap for believers to receive their just due reward. – We believe that God’s truth has the power to set people free, and we do everything in our power to remain faithful to His truth, in thought, in word, and in deed. and of incredible deliverance for a desperate, dying planet. These prophets will know how to shift one's spiritual economy. The prophetic ministry and ministry of prayer/intercession are key to sustaining and maintaining revival, seasons of breakthrough and divine blessings. When we look up the way we understand the times we are in, our reality, changes. This book provides deep experiential insights into the wonders of the Almighty God and the incredulity of the fact that no minute detail of our lives eludes his merciful attention and powerful intervention.

That well was opened. God is going give these prophets and intercessors the prophetic advantage to help you overcome personal struggles and financial lack.
We want more of this anointing passed on to us and future generations. Each of us hold a unique calling from the Lord, and in the midst of these times we must strengthen our strengths… and surround ourselves with those who will support us in our weaknesses. Read as many books as you like (Personal use) and Join Over 150.000 Happy Readers. There is a river of wisdom being released to the Church right now, and it isn't analytical ability, but it is a skillful and creative ability. We believe that the Bible and all the scriptures within both Old and New Testaments are the infallible and inspired Word of God. David has weapons and warriors aplenty, but it is not until the Tribe of Issachar comes on board, that the establishment of a unified and peaceful Kingdom becomes a reality. it blessed me and i believe the Lord has bless me to walk in this anointing. We must have modern-day prophets working together with the leadership in the church to build what God desires to accomplish in the earth to bless generations to come.

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