If you try and take him That only a girl can fill your part for a story's true fruition Osana:Looks its you the freak of the school,the one who thinks that Enjoyed everywhere, The Lyrics for YanChan VS YanKun by Michaela Laws have been translated into 2 languages, These lyrics have been translated into 2 languages. Osana:You dont scare me You're through! Nope I...N-n-n-ope! Guess you're not on top anymore. I voice a bunch of other women; some of which you have never seen! Top lyrics Community Contribute Business. The Yandere rap battle you've all been waiting for! Yandere Chan vs Yandere Kun People crave my existence, what does being wrong sound? Midori:Aaallright!Ehem!EPIC RAP BATTLES OF AKADEMI!OSANA NAJIMI VS AYANO AISHI!!!BEGIN! Zobacz słowa utworu Yandere Simulator Epic Rap Battles of YANDERE - Yuno vs Ayano wraz z teledyskiem i tłumaczeniem. 05. Taro will never truly love you, 'cuz you'll never truly say It's not like Senpai will miss you since he'll just end up loving me So your little verse just went to waste Ayano: No one cares about your content, all they want to see is me You're not gonna pull that bullshit on me, Ayano. Michaeal: You're not the only girl I voice. You're not special. Lyrics for Yuno VS Ayano by Michaela Laws. But at least I have the brains and the metaphorical balls to say that; "I DON'T GIVE A FUCK I DO WHAT I WANT BOO!" Sign in Sign up. Lyrics for YanChan VS YanKun by Michaela Laws. The characters in this are Osana Najimi, Yandere Chan or Ayano Aishi (the main focus), Midori Gurin (the host) and Taro (senpai) for comic relief. Please Your mother should've swallowed and your 'empty' kind shouldn't breed! I have to go make sure Senpai's safe YOU'RE IN MY WORLD NOW! Fine, faster it is then! Megami vs Amai". Hah! Just take a look around Ayano:Huh?! Michaeal: My stories aren't perfect, I get reminded of that everyday Podaj adres E-mail znajomego, któremu chcesz polecić ten utwór. Plus I make my own content! Ayano: WHAT?! Ayano: Sorry. When I said your brain was small, I meant it Or maybe I'll just stab you, Yeah that'd be fine Osana: You dont scare me Ayano: I can though Osana: Hah! Yandere Simulator is property of YanderDev Art by SRealms Rap Lyrics and Beat by Michaela Laws Enjoy~! I'm a single 25 who has to struggle through her life (rap) Battles! You think YOU'RE number one? And, yet everyone wants YOU and more RAP BATTLES instead of my content! Ayano:I'll let give him gifts when FAT PIGS FLY!!! Midori:All of them! Who do you think you're dealing with? I have games and CD's to make and sell. I'll kill you before you even get a chance Ayano: Don't bring Senpai into this, I know exactly what I'm doing Ayano:Heh come at me,b****! I'm DONE NO! I know so Michaeal: What the fuck do you mean?! Yandere Rap Battles! So when you bounce around my channel, I might as well be your master! BEGIN. You can't exist in a world filled with Social Justice Lightning )Osana: Oh, look! Type song title, artist or lyrics. Destroying all of my competition with rhythm and poetry! Osana:You know what? I'll never get a life! 1:51. OSANA NAJIMI V.S. Unknown: Execution, BEGIN! YOU WANNA SEE THE REAL ME? ... Yandere Rap Battles Jan 1st 2018. If you try to take him, just know: i … *Achem* EPIC RAP BATTLES OF AKADEMI!!! ... Yuno VS Ayano. Każdy może znaleźć u nas teksty piosenek, teledyski oraz tłumaczenia swoich ulubionych utworów. Ayano:Do you think you really scare me?I know what keeps you up at night,If you WANT TO MAKE THIS BLOODY,I'VE BEEN ITCHING FOR A FIGHT,I'll tranq you and tie you to a chair and break your MIND!Or maybe I'll just stab you,Yeah that'd be fine~ It's funny how the world is so enamored with your position NO MERCY! Ayano: Ahahaha! ... Yandere Rap battle [Yuno vs. Ayano] [srry for outfit change in this] TopMrFilm. 'Specially if you think torture and homicide's love toll! Begin! Aby wykonać tę operację należy się zalogować: Największy serwis z tekstami piosenek w Polsce. Ayano: HUH?! relaxing, music, lyrics. (battles) of Akademiii! My fame is international, I'm both hated and loved Ayano:I KNOW that you should probably keep an eye on your bento~ It doesn't matter what we are Osana:Hah!What do you know? YOU ARE READING 『Yandere Simulator』Epic Rap Battles of Akademi - Osana vs Ayano Lyrics Random. *Ayano drops weapons* Ayano: That's the best you've got? If I didn't care about being broke I'd make more raps! If you'd stop fucking around, maybe you'd get your happy end! I can't do it anymore! I know what keeps you up at night, If you WANT TO MAKE THIS BLOODY, I'VE BEEN ITCHING FOR A FIGHT, I'll tranq you and tie you to a chair and break your MIND! My sex give me a pass, you're what they cry wolf about 4 years ago | 561 views. Ayano:I can though~ I told you, asshole, he's mine NOW IT'S TIME FOR ME TO END YOU! Because no matter who you kill and no matter who you sway But if you really wanna fight, huh, then please try and beat me You chain yourself to a desk and creates crap no one knows of! Stalking my senpai is cool,LISTEN UP!I only have one thing to say,Senpai would choose me over you anyday,I mean COME ON!You sneak around when you think no one sees you,We'll let you on a secret,We all now that you do,Like OH MY GOD,Yan-chan why can't you see?You will never get Senpai,He belongs to me! YOU DID NOT JUST GO THERE. Where I am the rap battle master, and I control who holds the MIC! Ayano … Osana:Senpai will never love you!You're weird and you're a creep! Midori:Drop em'! "All characters have an opposite-sex counterpart" like me The one that thinks that stalking my senpai is cool...Listen up! I'll laugh my ass off as I slice your throat open and watch you die You sneak around when you think no one sees you. So I'll give you one verse to back away and beg me for mercy 1 800 752 tekstów, 17 609 poszukiwanych i 199 oczekujących. I mean, come on! THREE STRIKES Ayano Aishi, my furture diary states; I'll end you faster than an axe on your face! You won't take him from me And now, you're wasting my time Ayano:Osana! - Więc mówisz, że jeśli to zrobię... to wygram serce Taro? I doubt you'd have the courage to take and claim Senpai's underwear Osana and Ayano:MIDORI! Em The Smol. DO NOT make me decimate you! In the meantime, the world will forget about you. I'm sure you are missing some freaky cable porn Michaela: O-o-o-o-o-oh! Ayano: Sorry. Ayano: I think I just did Yuno: YOU LITTLE... Muru-Muru: And now! Type song title, artist or lyrics. You think that you're scary? Ayano: Those verses were weak. But if I worked in a cubicle you'd have a crap voice, wouldn't you? The Final Battle! Inspirowane na: Epic Rap Battles of History! Michaela: What did you say?! This song is a parody of yandere simulator and has two (four including Taro-senpai and Midori) competing in a rap battle. Let's dance, You will get 3 free months if you haven't already used an Apple Music free trial, Made with love & passion in Italy. I voice a bunch of other characters! I'm not afraid to kick your ass, I've got nothing here to lose! 1 800 752 tekstów, 17 609 poszukiwanych i 199 oczekujących. Yuno: WHAT?! Michaeal: YOU WANNA MAKE ME ANGRY? Let me show you something frightenning There are many things that I can do that you would never dare Your Yuki must feel so embarrassed. I can't. Justins Old Rap Battles #2 Link vs Alexander the Great Epic Rap Battles of History Parody. Begin, Try to steal my Senpai? Midori:Im sorry!You decide!Eeeeeepic rap! Ayano VS Michaela Laws! All your raps, the beats and verbal beat-down people hear AYANO AISHI!!! YOU'RE NOT AN AKADEMI ANYMORE FACING ANOTHER STUDENT WHO PISSED YOU OFF OR SOME CRAP LIKE THAT. Such a shame. Michaeal: This battle is not about proving anything, it's about shutting you the fuck up Begging folks to buy my shit is not something I'm proud to do Top lyrics Community Contribute Business. Begin! You'll never make it big, you can't even perfect your own games. Epic Rap Battles of Akademi - YanChan vs YanKun Lyrics: YanChan: Trying to steal MY Senpai, who do you think you're dealing with? 01. Yandere Simulator Epic Rap Battles of YANDERE - Yuno vs Ayano, Michaela Laws - The Final Battle/Michaela vs Ayano, Michaela Laws - 『Yandere Simulator』Epic Rap Battles of Akademi - YanChan vs YanKun, Michaela Laws - 『Yandere Simulator』Epic Rap Battles of Akademi - Budo vs Taro, Michaela Laws - 『Yandere Simulator』Epic Rap Battles of Akademi - Osana vs Ayano, John adams - Three weeks and i'm still outta my mind, Joda - Wlaczam noktowizor gasze swiatla to jest gruba jazda, Matteo zingales, nicholas routledge & glen dolman - I've got you, Ava Max - Sweet but Psycho (Ricky Retro Remix). The world isn't even ready for the trouble I'll be brewing Michaeal: YOU'RE NOT GETTING A TURN! N-n-n-n-n-no! Michaela: Alright ENOUGH! Who has a hard-on for the screams of her classmates and stalks a guy?! Ayano: I'd like to see you try Unknown: The Final Battle! YOU'RE WELCOME! Alright Michaela: I DON'T WANT HEAR IT YOU LITTLE PSYCHO! Unknown: The Final Battle! You really think so? I'm the hero of the story, you are the fanboy wannabe Lyrics. FINE! Michaeal: AHAHAHAHA, NOT SO FAST YOU LITTLE SHIT! !Thats it!I'll put you in your place! Make 'em faster! At least I can speak my fucking mind, unlike you! Ayano: What do you mean? So drop the act and leave I voice a mother and a queen Osana:Hah!You squirm around when he's five feet away!He tells me all the time "He's acting kinda strange".If I'll let you have him,then you better think twice,It doesnt take long before I stop being nice Zobacz słowa utworu 『Yandere Simulator』Epic Rap Battles of Akademi - Osana vs Ayano wraz z teledyskiem i tłumaczeniem. THAT'S NOT FAIR! Then you fade to nothing people will still be screaming MY name! Nothing will fix your broken soul! Follow. Osana VS Ayano… Guess you're not on top anymore. Zachęcamy wszystkich użytkowników do dodawania nowych tekstów, tłumaczeń i teledysków! Michaela Laws - Yandere Simulator Epic Rap Battles of YANDERE - Yuno vs Ayano - tekst piosenki, tłumaczenie piosenki i teledysk. Because you won't listen to what your fans want: That's ME! Inspired by Epic Rap Battles of History!

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