My EE App: My EE App connects to the internet whenever you use it. 4GEE and 5GEE Home: Plans for use in fixed location only. You can move house, turn your home router on, and your broadband is up and running without the hassle of having to transfer your broadband account and wait for your supplier to get your phone line activated.

If you have a mobile contract with them, they'll also boost your mobile data for that by 5GB a month.

Those looking for the fastest possible speeds should go for the 5GEE Home Router, which supports super fast 5G.

Router shares internet with up to 64 devices. In order to retain your data boost when you upgrade or change your Pay Monthly plan, your 5GEE Home or EE broadband must still be active and you must be moving to an eligible Pay Monthly plan.

For example, 50GB of mobile data on a standard EE plan currently costs £30 a month, but for £35 a month on EE's 4GEE home router you get 100GB. Three also offer 5G Home Broadband with the Three 5G Hub, which brings breakneck speeds. Downloading the app and any software updates for the app will use data. 20GB Data Boost: Available to new and existing Pay Monthly phone or 12-month SIM Only plan mobile customers who sign up to 5GEE Home or fixed broadband plan. Subject to availability.

Your experiences may vary. Stuck with sluggish broadband speeds with no fibre installation in sight? Add a postcode for offers and updates in your area. The main difference between the two is that the AI Cube doubles as an Amazon Alexa speaker, but the Huawei B535 is the better choice for those looking for just a router as it supports newer wireless standards and has more Ethernet ports. most popular plan is 200GB a month. Get 4GEE Home with 100GB of data from £35 a month and no upfront costs. Plus, with our professionally trained engineers carrying out the installation, you can put your mind at ease. Choose from 18 month or 30 day contracts with allowances from 100GB to Unlimited. Often – although not always – you’ll find that 4G home broadband routers support more simultaneous connections than mobile broadband devices too. Yes, 4G home broadband is reliable and the latest generation of routers deliver excellent speeds and coverage. 5G Home broadband router that shares internet with up to 64 devices over WiFi. Data fair use policy may apply when roaming. A dongle would be useless for home broadband as you’d only be able to get one device online at once and only one with a USB port. Compatible laptop/tablet (which you may need to buy) and coverage required. There’s no wait to get a landline installed, so you can start using your 4GEE Home router instantly.

The same also applies if you like to take long UK holidays over the summer, such as staying at caravan parks or holiday cottages that may not provide wireless internet options as standard. Router supports speeds up to 300Mbps and has an Ethernet port. So, provided there's a signal (and you can use your mobile phone to check this in advance), you can take it with you and use it wherever you move.

In terms of how they’re meant to be used, the difference is that 4G home broadband is meant to be set up permanently in a home or office, while 4G mobile broadband is a mobile Wi-Fi connection that you can enable when out and about. Each of these providers offer specialist 4G home broadband routers with generous usage allowances. Don’t worry if you don't know how much data you need – you can increase your plan at any time. UK’s Fastest Network: Based on the RootMetrics® UK RootScore® Report: H2 2019. ✔ Can connect more devices at once (up to 64).

Interested in switching your broadband? Visit RootMetrics for more details.

For example, Three currently have an offer on that has unlimited data for only £23 a month on a 24 month contract and now it's 6 months half price until the 22nd of August!

Our own speed test graph is compiled of results from hundreds of thousands of users every month illustrates that mobile broadband speeds not only hold their own against standard broadband providers, but also achieve better average speeds than many of the well known providers! Theoretically, given perfect conditions, you could get up to 42Mbps on a 4G connection. You must be the owner of the property or you have the permission from the owner. You will need mobile internet coverage or a WiFi connection. 4G home broadband is best for people living in areas where fibre isn't available and standard broadband speeds are poor. Having trouble getting fixed broadband installed or staying somewhere temporarily? Data allowance boosted by 5GB. We can help! Vodafone also offer unlimited 4G Home Broadband plans with no speed restrictions, but they are more expensive than Three. However, if you're able to get fibre broadband in your area, or decent speeds with standard broadband over copper phone lines, then that would usually be the more economical solution. While prices aren't as low as the budget landline providers with unlimited data allowances, 4G home broadband providers tend to be more generous with data allowances on their home routers.

EE have the widest range of data allowances available, starting at £30 a month for 100GB on an 18 month contract, all the way up to £100 for 500GB of data. In practice, the difference is not always clear-cut, but a 4G home broadband service will typically involve a router that you plug in at your home, just like with conventional broadband. Anyone who can get a decent mobile signal can get a 4G home broadband router. It uses a broadband router that's similar to those from regular broadband providers, but designed to use a SIM card rather than be plugged into your phone socket. Of course, speeds will improve even more over the next couple of years, with the much faster 5G technology due to start rolling out in the UK from 2020. All online. It can take up to 30 days from broadband account start date for your Data Boost to be applied. 4G Home broadband router that shares internet with up to 64 devices over WiFi. The latter often top out at 5 or 10, while home broadband ones can typically reach over 30 – enough for a house full of web-connected gizmos.

Once connected, if you’re struggling with the 4G signal inside your home, you’ll benefit from a compatible external antenna which picks-up outdoor 4G signal and feeds it to your 4GEE Home router. 4G home broadband uses the mobile network to provide home internet access the same way as you'd get online on your smartphone or tablet. Vodafone's GigaCube router supports 5G and is available in several cities throughout the UK with more rolling out over 2019, but will still work on the 4G network as well. Alternatively, some 4G mobile broadband devices are ‘dongles’ which are essentially USB sticks that you can plug into a single device to get it online.

Router supports maximum speeds up to 300Mbps and has an Ethernet port.


Connect up to 64 devices with maximum speeds up to 2.63Gbps, 4G Home Broadband vs Fixed Line Broadband, ✔ Portable can take anywhere with mains supply and coverage. For full terms on External Antennas please see

4G Home Broadband is perfect for the average user looking to browse the web, access social networks and check emails.

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